• Copy editing

It’s not what you write, it’s how you write it!

Based in South Bucks, Writing Matters provides a bespoke and affordable range of content development and writing services. We are skilled copywriters, editors and proofreaders with many years' experience in the publishing, marketing and media sectors. As a result, you'll benefit from valuable support with developing content for your printed or digital communications.

A way with words

As professional copywriters, we understand how to create compelling, captivating copy for our clients. For example, we work with our clients to re-shape and re-word existing website content as well as enhance the copy for SEO purposes. In the same way, we also create bespoke and informative copy for your website, blog or other marketing materials.

In addition, our aim is to produce copy that may be edited and distilled for further use in-print or online to support your content development strategy. 

An eye for detail

Your content will perform more effectively if you give your readers clarity and accuracy to ensure they believe in what you are saying. Our quality editing and proofreading services guarantees clear and consistent copy, without grammar, punctuation or spelling errors.

Local with an international reach

We support clients with copywriting and copy-editing services in our local area of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire as well as international organisations in Dubai and UAE. 

If you have a story to tell, we'll bring it to life. To find out how, call Jo on 07900 010994


Clarity in messaging and content creates confidence in your business.


Consistency in writing style presents your work professionally.


Accuracy in your printed and digital communications conveys a positive image.